Joey van Meesen has a Master's Degree in Military History and is a researcher of the US Army during WWII. He specializes in various types of archives material to research individuals and reconstruct the battlefields. Joey believes that combining historical research with GIS is the key to educate new generations. Over the years Joey had the privilege to work on numerous great historical projects as historian, researcher, media expert, and battlefield detective in different parts of the world. For that reason, he provides historical consultancy services for every form of press, book writing and publishing, digital media, social media, television and radio industry, documentary films, tourism, and video games. His historical advice and consulting is based on his ability to get original, archived documents quickly in order to reconstruct the past. Finding the exact footsteps of a veteran is his specialty.
Archival Research
Joey van Meesen specializes in military archive material. Tracking the exact footsteps of veteran is his expertise.
Joey van Meesen combines history and GIS to learn about war from a different perspective
Joey van Meesen uses his passion for film and documentary to explain and show history in new ways.

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