Bastogne Area

Bastogne Then & Now: To Foy
Original Caption: “101st Airborne Infantry Division on the road between Bastogne and Houffalize, Belgium, as they move up to stem German drive. Bastogne, Belgium.” Photographer: T/5 Wesley B. Carolan (165th Signal Company) (NARA)
Then & Now: Bastogne - N30
In the photograph you can see members of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment on the Bastogne-Houffalize road on December 19, 1944. It was the Division’s first day of combat during the Battle of the Bulge. Photographer: Wesley B. Carolan (NARA)
Bastogne Then & Now: SNAFU
Adam H. Davis and Milford A. Sillars of the 110th Infantry Régiment, 28th Infantry Division are taking a break in Bastogne after being engaged in intense combat during the first stage of the Battle of the Bulge, December 19, 1944.
Bastogne Then & Now: SNAFU 2
Original Caption: “Infantrymen of 1st U.S. Army gather in Bastogne, Belgium, to regroup after being cut away from their regiment by Germans in the enemy drive in this area. 110 Regt, 28th LNE Div FUSA Bastogne, Belgium.” Original Field Number: ETO-HQ-44-30454. Photographer: T/5 Wesley B. Carolan (165th Signal Company) (NARA)
Bastogne Then & Now: Main Street
Original Caption: “Enemy shellfire lands on a building in Bastogne, the town which the 101st Airborne Division held for ten days against the Germans. Note casual attitude of people in the street despite shellfire. Belgium.” Original Field Number: ETO-HQ-45-67. Photographer: Krochka
Bastogne Then & Now: Rue Gustave
Wonderful Then & Now I shot: M-4 Sherman Tank, 101st Airborne Division, December 1944 on Rue Gustave Delperdange in Bastogne, Belgium.
Bastogne Then & Now: Foy Ambulance
Ambulances parked in the street in Foy, Belgium, January 1945. The photograph is most likely taken atop the destroyed Panzer IV tank.
Bastogne Then & Now; Foy
Destroyed Panzer IV Tank in the middle of the crossroad in Foy, Belgium
Bastogne Then & Now: Foy
Destroyed Panzer IV Tank in the middle of the crossroad in Foy, Belgium (Photo by Bob Konings)

35th Infantry Division

35th Division Then & Now: Tintange, Luxembourg
Then & Now: The 1st Battalion of the 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division, marches off from Tintange to the town of Surré, Luxembourg to support the 2nd Battalion. Taken on December 27, 1944. The farmhouse in the background is still there today. On December 27, 1944 it became the Headquarters for the 1st Battalion when they marched out of Tintange. The small stone building on the road junction was probably some sort of border surveillance structure. The foundations of it are also still there. The border between Belgium and Luxembourg lies between these two villages.
35th Division Then & Now: Tintange 2
This photograph shows members from the 137th Infantry Regiment of the 35th Division standing near a war torn building in Tintange, Belgium.
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