After this year’s Militracks, me and my dad went metal detecting on the battlefields of Operation Market Garden. Since we had some time left after the event, we wanted to swing with our Metal Detectors. Our research consisted of looking on Google Maps with my phone right after the event. We didn’t expect to find anything at all because many times most places are already empty.

We parked our car and walked inside the forest. It was a little bit hilly, for us it felt like the mini version of the Ardennes. The fact that the place saw heavy combat during Operation Market Garden gives me a special feeling when I stand on the real battlefields.

After 5 minutes my dad found one bullet and sooImage7n after that we found a 20mm Hispano casing. We never found these before and my dad was lucky to find 3 more, which totals 4. I still didn’t find anything.  We searched some more and we found a huge artillery shell which had already exploded, but where only the side of the shell got blown away. Since we don’t have a space for the shell, we had to bury it and maybe pick it up when we come back to the place.


Our search continued and we found 2 mortar tail-fins. We took those with us, thinking it may be a nice piece of furniture? Anyway, in the mean time we lost track of time and it was already 5 PM. The drive home was at least 2 hours, so we walked back to the car with the thought of coming back to this place very soon.

We touched and walked history today and in the near future we hope to the same. I hope to inspire you doing the same.These are the days that motivate me to make blogs and videos for myself and you.

Thanks for reading,

Greetings from the Battlefields!

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