Sergeant Adam A Wegrzyn was Killed in Action on December 24, 1944, when his Company, Co E, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division, had their first day of combat in ‘the Bulge’. The 2nd Bn attacked on the left flank between Breitweiler and Consdorf through the Mullerthal Draw toward Berdorf
Company F and Company G battled for eight hours to gain only 200 yards, while Company E, attacking in the Regimental Center, met less stubborn resistance and by dark had taken Osterholz farm and gained nearly 1000 yards. But for those 1000 yards, Sgt Wegrzyn, a squad leader, paid the ultimate price. He was only 27 years old.

Platoon leader James L Roady and three other enlisted men were also wounded. William E Parker, Frank L Laurich and Harold L Osborn
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4 thoughts to “Killed in Action on Christmas Eve

  • Kilby Browne

    Joe, I wanted to thank you for posting this and for helping me learn more about the story of my father and the working report of his battle wound that happened on Christmas Day. It was such a surprise that you found that record. Just amazing and Merry Christmas to you my friend.

  • Scott

    Hi Joe: Meanwhile, at the Southern Shoulder, other units of the 5th ID held off multiple panzer attacks and shattering artillery battles. My father was with B Co, 10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division and was wounded by artillery schrapnel in his back on Hill 313 on Dec 24 as part of the final push into Germany. He carried that piece of metal with him until he died in 1979. He is always fondly remembered this time of year. Cheers!

    • Kilby Browne

      My father was with the 10th Infantry Regiment, I think (I Company) and he was wounded Christmas Day near Hill 313 in Echternach. Joe was nice enough to find the Morning Report for me that listed him as wounded in action. I lost my father in 2012 and although he didn’t like to tak about the war he opened up a bit after seeing Saving Private Ryan. He was near Metz when they were called into action to head north. Thanks for your father’s service.

  • Patricia Joppien

    My brother’s name is the last one listed as wounded – Harold L Osborne – He was captured by the Germans


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