Historians & Authors

  • Ian Gardner – Writer of “Tonight We Die As Men”, “Deliver Us From Darkness” and currently available for pre-order “No Victory in Valhalla”
  • Paul Reed – WW2 Historian, Author, Battlefield Guide and TV Consultant

Battlefield Tours & Tour Guides

  • Reg Jans – One of my favourite  Battle of the Bulge & Tour Guides that has a great voice and good to follow tours.
  • Bo Temps: Ardennes Battle Tour – Accoring to many different sources and friends, Bob Konings does a wonderful job in guiding you around the battlefields of the Ardennes, Belgium!


  • Grandmenil – Bob and Marco do an amazing job in telling the history of the battle of the bulge in the Grandmenil, Belgium area. A website you definitely should visit!
  • Bevrijding van de Veluwe Check out our friend The Liberation of the Veluwe!
  • History on the Net – D-Day: The Invasion – History on the Net offers a great and wide amount of topics about the D-Day Invasion. Check out their website for high quality posts and in-depth research on the subject.
  • Over de Oorlog (About the War) – A very interesting Dutch World War 2 News Blog with great articles!
  • Battlefield Design Paul is amazing at his job. He designs book covers, logo’s, website layouts and he even recreates battlefield maps!
  • WW2 Today – Find out what happened on this day in World War 2!
  • Traces of War – A complete overview of monuments, battlefields, museums and bunkers in Europe!
  • – Dutch website with loads if interesting facts about the Second World War
  • Countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening illnesses that are a result of exposure to asbestos, a material that was commonly used in hundreds of military applications, products, and ships because of its resistance to fire.


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