Always wanted to research your relative who fought in the European Theater of Operations?

I work together with Independent Researcher Myra Miller of the Personnel Record Center in St. Louis, MO. I can offer you high quality research on your veteran relatives! My contacts live close to the Archives and offer a special low-price research fee. Send me an email with all the information you have and together we will trace back the route of your relatives who fought in WWII. We can offer you a photocopies for complete personnel records, service files, awards and even IDPF’s (Individual Deceased Personnel File). The IDPF’s are for soldiers KIA during WWII and contain all the information about the death of the individual soldier.

What do I offer:

Footsteps Research Package:

  • Day by day map with locations and information.
  • Written Narrative Specificaly for the veteran’s unit.
  • Morning Reports of the Company the veteran served in.
  • Other documents like a service record or IDPF if they don’t have it yet.


Footsteps Tours Silver Package

  • Everthing from the package above
  • A Battlefield tour specific to the footsteps guided by me


Footsteps Tours Gold Package

  • Everything from the package above
  • We set up all accomodation for a Footsteps Tours trip: Hotels, Restaurants, Specialists, Transport
  • We are the tour operator and join you on the trip too!

Footsteps Video Documentary

  • Everything from the Research Package.
  • A video of the chosen area where we follow the footsteps of the specific area. Can be for the whole war or specific to a campaign (Normandy, Northen France, Market Garden, Ardennes)

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