Sgt. Clifford Howard Wilford is a veteran from the 10th Regiment of the 5th Infantry Division. He has been with the division even before the war began and stayed with them till the very end. From Normandy to Czechoslovakia, he’s seen it all.

The picture above was taken after the Sauer River Crossing on February 9th, 1945, by the 10th and 11th regiment at Weilerbach, Luxembourg near the border with Germany. Wilford was one of them to cross and breach through the Siegfried line!

Image: page 1 This is a picture of him taken in November 1940 at Fort Thomas, KY

For the 70th anniversary of the ending of World War 2, Sgt Clifford H. Howard has been interviewed.

The Vanishing Generation – Clifford Wilford from Gary Cosby Jr. on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts to “Sgt. Clifford Howard Wilford – 10th Regiment, 5th Infantry Division

  • Carolyn Sue Wilford-Hall

    Clifford is my father. Wanted to let you know that he passed away on July 6, 2017.
    He was a proud man and severed his country well. God Bless him for all he gave
    to keep our country free

    Sue Wilford-Hall

  • Craig Scott

    I remember uncle Clifford fondly from my youth in Kentucky. His family adored him as he was always the flashy, dashing apple of their eye. He lived a full productive life and left behind a fitting example of patriotism and duty.
    Craig Scott
    Savannah GA


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