The 5th Infantry Division was moved from Saarlautern, Luxembourg to the area of south and southwest of Echternach. This was the most southern area of the Battle of the Bulge. The 5th replaced the 4th Infantry Division on December 23rd, and pushed the Germans back to the Sauer River. The 10thRegiment pushed them from Michelshoff back to Echternach. The 2ndregiment was on their left and fought their way from Consdorf to Berdorf overlooking the Sauer River. On the most left part of their front line was the 11th regiment. They pushed the Germans from Waldbillig, to Haller, to Beaufort back to the Sauer river and into Germany.

Map by Ben McGregor

In January the division was moved to the area south of Diekirch. The 2ndregiment was the first to cross the Sauer river on a second attempt on January 18th, 1945. The 5th division fought in the area north of Diekirch and were eventually moved back to the Sauer river. This time they could see Bollendorf at the other side of the river. On the 7th of February the 10th and 11th regiments crossed the Sauer river into Germany. The crossings were successful and the fighting in Luxembourg for the 5th ID was officially over.



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