The 10th Infantry Regiment was on the far right side of the Divisions Frontline during their  part of the Battle of the Bulge and it was the first regiment to arrive in Luxembourg.  The 10th Regiment jumped off south of Michelshoff on December 21st and experienced one of their bloodiest fights of World War 2. Opposition was strong and the regiment couldn’t proceed along E29 until December 29th. With 2nd Bn on the left side of the road and 1st Bn on the right side of the road the regiment moved up to the Lauterborn crossroads. G Company, supported by tanks moved on the E29 while the rest of 2nd Bn moved along the ridge line on their flank. By nightfall they had taken Hill 313 overlooking the road to Echternach and soldiers spent Christmas Eve in their foxholes. During the next few days the regiment pushed the Germans back across the Sauer as they occupied the highground overlooking Echternach.

There are several stories of soldiers from the 10th Infantry Regiment who fought here. Click on them below!

From January 1st to 17th, the 10th regiment was in position between Gilsdorf and Reisdorf. Here it held daily patrolls to get familiar with the area. Eventually the regiment crossed the Sauer river near Gilsdorf on January 18th. The 2nd regiment crossed the same day at Ingeldorf. The Sauer Crossing marked the beginning of the last phase of the Battle of the Bulge in the Southern Shoulder. On January 28th the regiment ook Putscheid and pushed the Germans back across the border. The Battle of the Bulge was over

Click on the names below to read the different account of veterans of the 10th Regimet that fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

At the foot of hill 313


There are a couple of books that cover the story of the 10th Infantry Regiment.

In Foxhole Promises are the story of some veterans from K Company of the 10th Infantry Regiment. The author, Arnold G. Whittaker, was K Company veteran himself and remembers the winter days he spent in luxembourg during the Battle of the Bulge.

Before Memories Fade is a book that was written to remember Private First Class Melvin W. Dunn. He was a member of General George Patton’s 3rd Army, 5th Infantry Division and the 10th Regiment, C Company in World War II. He was killed during the Ardennes Offensive, better known as the Battle of the Bulge on January 28, 1945.

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