Since I was 10 years old we went on summer holidays to Bollendorf, Germany. This village is just across the border with Luxembourg and saw heavy fighting during the Battle of the Bulge. I even did metal detecting in the area, but didn’t know for a long time which divisions had fought there. At the age of 16 I started doing research on the internet about it and discovered that the 5thInfantry Division had fought around there, which was really interesting, because I could relate some of my relics to them.

I contacted divisional and regimental historians and received more information and maps. I bought the book: A foot soldier for Patton, which was the memoires of a soldier from the 2nd Regiment, 5th Infantry Division. The book instantly got me hooked on the 5th and the 2nd regiment. Most of my research is on the 2nd regiment, because I used to spend most of my summer days in that area and I knew the area pretty well. In one of the villages there was even a house with the 5th ID logo next to the front door!


HallerThe house with the 5th ID logo!

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