We are proud to announce the release of our very first 60-minute WWII documentary. The Ghost Plane of La Fosse features Victor Yansenne, who saw a US B-24 Liberator crash just outside his hometown of La Fosse, Belgium at the age of six on December 25, 1944. He saw two parachutes coming down to earth just moments before the crash. He assumed the other crew members died as the aircraft exploded just before hitting the ground. Victor spent the rest of his life trying to identify the crew. His only goal was that these men would not be forgotten.

The documentary is completely free to view on our YouTube channel. We can’t think of a better way to spend your Christmas and the holiday season.

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One thought to “The Ghost Plane of La Fosse | WWII Documentary”

  • Dan Webster

    I just watched “The Ghost Plane of La Fosse.” What a great documentary! Lots of hard work and research (a lifetime for some) went into this project. Congratulations to ALL those involved in keeping this memory alive. Great filming, Joey!


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