During the Battle of the Bulge the 11th Regiment was sent to Luxembourg with the rest of the 5th Infantry Division to push the Germans back across the Sauer river. They attacked the most southern shoulder sector at a village called Christnach. They formed the left flank of the division and attacked towards the village of Haller on the morning of December 24th. From Haller the regiment had some resistance in the Hallerbach Ravine north of Haller, but they were able to move up to Beaufort and on the the highground overlooking the Sauer river.




Tactics for the next battles are forged near Echternach on February 6, 1945
“SC 201197 Luxembourg… Soldiers of Company F, 2nd Battalion of the 11th Regiment, 5th Infantry Division, talk over the coming attack, near Echternach. Date: 02/6/45” Photo: US Signal Corps / Collection: MNHM



Medical units of the 11th Infantry Regiment near Berdorf: Then & Now
5th ID Colour
Medics of the 5th Infantry Division near Diekirch. Picture colorized by me.
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