Lt. Colonel Haughey was a battalion commander in the 10th Infantry Regiment of the 5th Infantry Division. He’s been with the division throughout the war and has been a witness of every action the division has seen. In this post I would like to post some of his bringbacks from the war.



His son. Russ Haughey, sent me the pictures and gave me the following description: ‘The most interesting is the Thompson.  It is a model 1921 Thompson, only 15,000 were made, the first model of thompson.  It was one of 3,000 purchased by France in Feb of 1940, and was soon captured by the Germans when they invaded France.  Dad found it in a crate in Gestapo HQ in Metz and used it through the Bulge and the rest of the war.  He had his name painted on the stock so it wouldn’t be taken by anyone.  After the war he didn’t want to pay the $200 tax to own an automatic weapon, so he had the breech welded up.  He told me he never registered it.  But when he died I found the registration in his papers.  He registered it during a one month amnesty period for the National Firearms Act in 1968.  So I legally had it reactivated by a gunsmith who drilled out the chamber and fixed it up.  It shoots full auto now.’


In March the 5th Infantry Division crossed the Rhine river. Haughey was awarded the Distinguished Service Crossed for fulfilling the operation. In the picture you can see General Irwin, Commander of the 5th Infantry Division awarding Haughey the DSC. He received it for leading the Moselle crossing at Arnaville in September 1944. He led the 1st Bn which was soon followed by the 2nd Bn. He received the DSC at a ceremony shortly after the 5th crossed the Rhine.

Click here to download Lt. Colonel Haughey’s War Memoirs

If you wish to seek contact with his son, Russ Haughey, email him at




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  • Bill Hil

    Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information. I am researching my father in law, Imal Thomas Clark, who was a morter crewman in H Company of the 10th Regiment. He was wounded 16 Sept. I’m trying to find out when he returned to his unit. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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