Private First Class Daniel P. Griffin was a BAR Gunner in G Company of the 2nd Infantry Regiment. He participated in the Northern France & Rhineland Campaign for which he got two bronze service stars. He also earned the Combat Infantry Badge and a Purple Heart. The latter one he earned when he got Wounded in Action on December 21st, 1944.

‘My dad was wounded in Saarlautern on December 21 or 23. From a newspaper report some time later he was supposedly hit with 5 machine gun rounds while advancing on a pill box’, his son wrote to me.  The Morning Reports for G Company mention Daniel Griffin for his wounds. image.png

As you can see the morning report states he was Seriously Wounded in Action in Germany – lost to the 109th Evac Hospital and dropped from records on 22 December 1944. Therefore, it’s most likely that he was wounded on the 21st. ‘When I was very young I had asked him about the scars and he only said that it was shrapnel.’

Like many veterans, Daniel didn’t talk much about the war. ‘He only spoke about it one other time. We were sitting on the patio at his home and he had been diagnosed with cancer and only had a short time to live. Out of the clear blue, he looked off into space and said “There was that little town in France…”. His eyes welled up and he said nothing else. I asked him “What town, dad?” but that was all he said.’  That little town is most likely Saarlautern, the town where he got wounded.

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