Below you will find a list of all letters of Orvin E. Nelson that he wrote during the Battle of the Bulge. Nelson was in both M and I Company of the 10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division. He was one of the replacement officers after the Battle of Metz. Nelson had signed up for the war from Chicago, Il. Before he left he married his wife Jeanette. Nelson wrote her almost every day.

For Nelson the Battle of the Bulge started on December 21st 1944. On that day his regiment arrived in Luxembourg and faced the first Germans part of the 212th Volksgrenadier Division. Upon his arrival he was in M Company (Heavy Weapons).

These letters help me in discovering more information about the 5th Infantry Division soldiers. Especially their thoughts, emotions and the way they looked at the war. To finish my project this page will serve to honor Orvin E. Nelson. I want his letters to be available all over the world so that others can grab a sense of what mail writing on the front line looked like during World War 2.

To me, Nelson is a very special person. He’s a true inspiration for showing the love he has for his wife Jeanette who he married in 1942. She is his biggest spark of hope in surving this war.



Read all of Nelson’s Letters here!
December 1944:

January 1945


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