In December the 4th Infantry Division shifted to Luxembourg, only to meet the German Army’s winter Ardennes Offensive head-on starting on 16 December 1944. Although its lines were dented, it managed to hold the Germans at Dickweiler, Osweiler, and partly in the Berdorf area. They heroicaly managed to keep the Germans from breaking through and waited for the 5th Division to arrive. The 12th Infantry Regiment was severely annihalated in the processs. The 4th Infantry Division then counterattacked in January across the Sauer at Moestroff, overran German positions in Fouhren and Vianden.

A 4th Infantry Division soldier loads a 3.5-inch rocket launcher (aka “bazooka”) inside a ruined house during the German offensive, early December 1944.

Two American soldiers of U.S. 4th Signal Company, 4th Infantry Division, hold the day’s bag during the Ardennes Counteroffensive of the Battle of the Bulge; one deer and two rabbits, which will supplement their rations. Left is Pfc. Clinton Calvert of Baynard, Nebraska, and right is Cpl. Roy Swisher of Washington, D.C. Near Goesdorf, Wiltz, Luxembourg. December 1944.

A white-clad soldier from the 8th Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, with young German prisoners captured during fighting in the Sauer River sector.

4th Infantry Division troops dash across a Bailey bridge while under enemy fire near Moesdorf, Luxemborg, January 21, 1945.

On January 21, 1945, soldiers of the U.S. 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division move cautiously through the town of Moesdorf, Luxembourg.

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4 thoughts to “5 Must-See Pictures of the 4th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge

  • Chris horne

    Where can I find the soldier list /roster for this division ?

  • Todd Dolin

    I would like to see pictures from The Battle Of The Hurtegen & Bulge, all the way to 1945 end of the war. oThe 8Th Infantry Regiment Company B. My Grandfather was in that unit from the from the Hurtegen all the way to VE Day.

  • Gary Mathis

    My grandfather SGT Marcel F. DeMay (hometown Rochester, New York) of 4ID, 8th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Company F was lost 28 Feb 45 in Germany. He was born in Belgium and his family immigrated to U.S. He later helped liberate his home country with 4ID then was lost in Germany 28 Feb 45. Would love to find more info and photos of that time, or vets still with us who may have known him. God Bless! Thanks for this site.

  • Margaret Humphrey Kenny

    That is my father running across the bridge. My aunt owned Brown Brother’s Historical Photos and obtained that photo. My father was in the 4th Division 8th inf. He survived and was decorated with the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.


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