Pvt Charles M Wilkinson of Chemung County, NY, was 36 years old, was married and had three kids. Unfortunately, he was drafted early in 1944 and immediately sent to the front where he joined Company L of the 2nd Regiment in November. Before going overseas he sent his family a card with a photograph of him.
On December 24, 1944, the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the 5th Infantry Division went into the attack on the most southern part of the Battle of the Bulge Breakthrough between the villages of Breitweiler and Consdorf in Luxembourg. Their mission was to push the Germans back across the border.
At 1100 the 2nd Battalion jumped off on the left and the 3rd Battalion on the right with Company I and L abreast. The Germans defended their ground heavily and Co I and L battled for four hours in attempting to cross the line of departure north of Consdorf.
Company L bore the brunt of the attack, resulting that all officers were casualties. 1st LT Eugene Slocum was wounded. 1st LT Allan R. Ewing and 2nd LT Guy P. Kirksey were KIA, plus the loss of six Non-Coms. It is during this attack
The 36 year old Charles M Wilkinson, father and husband, was killed during this encounter.
Photos: Courtesy of Peter Ferreti, grandson of Charles M Wilkinson
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  • Michael Gregoric

    Such a tragic story.
    I am surprised that this man was drafted at the age of 36,
    More so, that he was a married man with 3 children ?

  • Dennis Griffin

    Thank you for sharing your story. My father was a BAR Gunner is Company G, 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Regiment and was severely wounded on, we beleive the 23rd of December at Saurlatern. I now know that he was evacuated to the 109th Field Hospital at that point. It seems that your Grandfather and my father were part of the same general action. I just wanted to reach out if you are still monitoring this web site.
    Dennis Griffin


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