89746be4-17c7-4b4c-af13-70e384a2e92awallpaperTo start off my new website/blog, I’d like to explain to you why I do this.

My interest for World War 2 came when I was about 8 years old. It all began on a rainy Sunday when my dad, who already was very interested in World War 2, showed me Saving Private Ryan. Shortly after that I watched Band of Brothers and from that point I was sold. My dad used to visit the Ardennes a lot, so soon after watching Band of Brothers I was aware of what happened there. My dad also had a metal detector which he used to search for World War 2 relics. I remember finding my first .50 cal cartridge, I thought I won the lottery. For my 12th birthday I got my very own metal detector, now I felt like a King.

Because of family problems in my mid-teens my interest in World War 2 and Metal Detecting faded out. But at the age of 16 I visited the Ardennes with my mom. It felt so strange to not be here with my dad and not to metal detect. My passion was still there, I could feel it. As soon as I came home from that holiday I called my dad. 3 weeks later I was back in the Ardennes, metal detecting and visiting museums with my dad. I started making videos about my passion for World War 2. I think we should never forget what happend during World War 2 and my goal is to inspire as many people as possible. I’m doing this by posting interesting things on this website and by making the best Youtube content possible.

My name is Joedemadio and this is my mission.

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2 thoughts to “One Man, One Mission

  • Jimmy

    Nice website Joey 🙂

  • Josie Wales

    I found your site while doing family history research about my dad, who was The Battle of the Bulge. He was in the Big Red One 1st division, 18th Infantry. I am so VERY happy that your passion was reignited for the Battle of the Bulge. I’m glad you are sharing your passion with us. Thank you!


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