The Frontline is an online podcast / talkshow which focusses on World War 2. In the show me (Joedemadio) and my friend Jimmy Jones discus different topics and articles that are World War 2 related. The show is about 30 to 60 minutes long, according to the topics we’re discussing. In the future we hope to have special guests like authors, movie casts, veterans and much more! If you’re interested in World War 2 and anything related to it, make sure to check out the episodes down below. The best thing about Youtube is that you can start and pause the show at any time you want!

The Frontline #5 – Battle of Kursk, Ciney Expo, Relics on Google Maps! 

This week we talked about the Battle of Kursk, the Ciney militaria expo, Heinrich Himmler, World War 2 relics and lots of other stuff!

The Frontline #4 – The Battle of the Bulge, C47 Gunships and more!

This week we talk about the role of the 5th Infantry Division during the battle of the bulge! We also discuss the conversion of C47s to Gunships during the Vietnam war. This week we came across some footage of D-Day and real inscripton from WW1 found in a tunnel on the battlefields!

The Frontline #3 – Russian Airborne, Heroic Hurtgenwald Story

In this episode we talk about a story of a heroic German officer killed in a minefield trying to save an American soldier in the battle of the Hurtgen Forrest. We discussed sheep used as paratroopers as well as the first Soviet airborne troopers. We also show you some pictures of the battle of Stalingrad re-enactment and talk about the purpose of WW2 in history!

The question we asked you in this episode: What is your favorite World War 2 Battle?


In episode 2 of The Frontline we talked about some very interesting topics. We discussed different articles about Hidden WW2 Battlefields and their secrets. We also talked about the true story of a covert pilot on his mission to rescue POWs on the Eastern Front. Another thing we discussed were some very interesting facts about World War 2.
The question we asked you in this episode: without the holocaust happening, would the swastika symbol be as offensive as it is now?


Welcome to the very first episode of my new World War 2 podcast/talk show! We talked about different topics including news articles, World War 2 games and different interesting topics! What if ww2 never happened?

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